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Here at Pharmasave, we believe in the use of food as medicine! While working alongside your GP, our goal is to provide the best possible pharmaceutical and nutritional care to our patients. With proper guidance from one of our health coaches, we aim to lower your dosage of medications and possibly even stop you from needing them at all.

So why Ideal Protein? Getting started is the first step to kick-starting your metabolism and breaking unhealthy lifestyle habits. We stand by using a sustainable approach to dieting that eliminates quick fixes and guarantees results. 


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Meet The Coaches!

Meet PJ! He’s one of the most dedicated coaches whose wish is to help people improve their health and reach their weight loss goals. With over 24 years of experience as a weight loss coach, he’s been able to help people reach their ideal weight and maintain it over the years. So why is PJ so passionate about health and nutrition? 11 years ago he actually went on a weight loss journey himself. After losing 70lbs he was determined to promote the ideology that food can be taken as medicine!

“Changing your diet is the first step to changing your life!” 

Meet Jocelyn! She is definitely the most determined when it comes to helping people look and feel their best. Despite being newer to the world of coaching, Jocelyn has an in-depth understanding of the nutrition and fitness industries. She also learned to develop a sustainable approach to dieting through her own personal experiences struggling with food. Being a coach is extremely important to Jocelyn, as someone with lupus she is aware of how easy it is to feel alone. 

“I always want to be the person who’s in their corner”, she states, as being supportive throughout the journey is almost as important as the journey itself!